Send Smiles With A Postcard 😄

We live in a world filled with instant communication; The Postcard Project is a return to special communication! A simple card with a couple of thoughtful handwritten lines can become a treasure.

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Can I Get Custom Cards For My Business?

I would be happy to work with you to design something special. I work with Finger Lakes Press right here in Auburn, NY. Let’s have a chat! Please reach out to me at

How Much Does It Cost To Mail A Postcard?

Sending postcards within the United States costs 51 cents. Internationally, postcard stamps cost 1.51. Domestic stamps can be purchased on our website, or your local post office.

How Do I Send A Postcard?

Sending a card is simple! Once you've received your order, write your message on the back left hand side of the postcard, and the recipients address on the right. Stick a postcard stamp in the upper right hand corner and drop it off in your nearest mailbox or post office.

How Can I Find Someone's Address If I Don't Know It?

You can visit or, using your favorite search engine, search "Where does [insert person's full name here] live"

  • Spread Joy

    There is something special about postcards. The picture, text and surprise arrival in the mail all add up to a perfect pleasure!

  • Giving Back

    The Auburn PostCard Project is a passion project with 10% of all proceeds donated between the Auburn Education Foundation and the Fingerlakes Land Trust.

  • Inspiration

    It was my son, Andrew, that described my postcard quest as a “passion” project. Yes, I just love the idea of people sending and
    receiving postcards; but I also love the idea of being able to give back to my community.