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We live in a world filled with instant communication; The Postcard Project is a return to special communication! A simple card with a couple of thoughtful handwritten lines can become a treasure.

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The Story

There is something special about postcards.

The picture, text and surprise arrival in the mail all add up to a perfect pleasure! Friends and family have regularly been the recipients of my postcards but
finding just the right one became a challenge. Then it dawned on me to tell a story with my own line of postcards! The “You Know You’re From Auburn If …”
series was developed in 2019. Since then, my little “passion project” has gown into five different series. More ideas are bubbling in my heart … stay tuned!

Thank you for exploring this website and making a postcard purchase; I hope
that you become enamored with postcards. Your purchase serves another wonderful purpose … 10% of all proceeds are donated equally between the
Auburn Education Foundation and the Finger Lakes Land Trust.
Reach out to me with YOUR ideas. Send me photographs of where these postcards end up. Wouldn’t it be fun to discover that these sweet CNY cards, printed right her in Auburn NY, travel to all 50 states!

Postcards are not just for travelers anymore. These are wonderful gift ideas,
holiday stocking stuffers, high school / college graduation gifts (with a check enclosed, of course) and FUNDRAISERS! If you are connected to a school or
organization and are interested in collaborating on a fundraiser, please contact me.

Take a minute to write and send a postcard today!

-Teresa Hoercher

The Auburn PostCard Project is a passion project with 10% of all proceeds donated between the Auburn Education Foundation and the Fingerlakes Land Trust.

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