Meet Teresa - Owner

Hi!  My name is Teresa Ringwood Hoercher.  Meet my Hoercher family, husband Bill (8 children – yes, I refer to my “in-laws” as children, and 7 “littles” the grandchildren. They mean everything and more to me in this world.  

Before Bill, I was a Ringwood – they shaped my life and inspire me daily.

I LOVE everything about postcards, so it just made sense to start my own little postcard business!  Selecting, writing, sending, and receiving postcards is so much fun.  It also makes my heart swell with love to touch and read old postcards from family members.  Didn’t my mother and father have terrific handwriting?


The Postcard Project supports the following non-profits: The Finger Lakes Land Trust and the Auburn Education Foundation.

It was my son, Andrew, that described my postcard quest as a “passion” project. Yes, I just love the idea of people sending and
receiving postcards; but I also love the idea of being able to give back to my community.

The Auburn Education Foundation is designed to support “an enriched learning environment for Auburn Enlarged City School District students” by offering scholarships and grants. It was established in 2003 and has funded “more than 142 creative educational projections in grades K-12”. I was born,
raised, and educated in Auburn NY as well as my four children. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for teachers! THE POSTCARD PROJECT has donated $1500.00 to the AEF and hopes to have another
donation at the end of 2022!

Finger Lakes Land Trust It was Matt Champlin’s photographs that made me really pause and think about the beauty of the Finger Lakes region of NYS.
With climate change concerns and harmful algal blooms, I have become more reflective on the importance of preserving these natural resources. The mission of the Finger Lakes Land Trust is to “To conserve forever the lands and waters of the Finger Lakes region. “The end of 2022 will mark my first opportunity to make a donation. Your postcard purchase will ensure a healthy donation.