Postcard Post #8 - FUNdraising ... Make if FUN!

Postcard Post #8 - FUNdraising ... Make if FUN!

FUNdraising – make it FUN!

The Postcard Project has been tons of fun!  I have learned so much about people and business and the art of merging the two.  Through it all I have never doubted the VALUE of words and THOUGHTFULNESS in communication.  These concepts – value and thoughtfulness have been layered in every step of this journey.

(Auburn NY & Willard Chapel)

People have asked “what’s the project” and honestly, I have had trouble with an answer.  True … I like alliteration and this venture needed a title.  But after the initial round of postcard series creations, the project part emerged – engage and encourage postcard communication and give back to the community.  I feel so fortunate that The Postcard Project can operate like a non-profit with donations going to:  Auburn Education Foundation and the Finger Lakes Land Trust. 

Last year a new opportunity presented itself.  It was great to partner with the Skaneateles High School Honor Society on a fundraising venture.  This amazing group of students (in a short period of time) sold numerous sets of the “You Know You’re from Skaneateles If …” postcard series.  Profits were split 50/50 and I have a hunch that lots of Christmas stockings had postcards hiding inside!  This was a fun and easy fundraiser, no upfront purchases, nothing perishable or too temptingly sweet, just postcards!

(Skaneateles NY)

Prison City North has certainly become a destination … good beer, food, music, and atmosphere.  They recently began “Hops and Shops” on Sundays providing vendors an opportunity to market their goods to Prison City friends.  On Sunday, 9/17 the Finger Lakes Land Trust will be hosting a fundraiser “Raise a Glass” and The Postcard Project will be set up for customers.  On that day 50% of all postcard sales will go directly to FLLT.

(MacKenzie-Childs, The Finger Lakes, Four Seasons - Central NY)

Fundraising, a reality for many schools and social organizations, can also be fun!  Please consider reaching out to The Postcard Project to collaborate!  There are a number of new children’s postcard series projects (Happy Birthday, Thank You and Be My Valentine) in the works!  I would love to partnership with you!

(The Strong, Kids Series)

Teresa Hoercher, THE POSTCARD PROJECT                                                                         / 315-406-9784



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