Postcard Post #2

Postcard Post #2

Thank you Chris Brandstetter!

Chris is the newest Postcard Project photographer. You will soon learn more about Chris when I post a "Meet the Artist" video.  But a BIG thank you cannot wait.  Typically, I see a photograph and think - GREAT postcard potential.  That is exactly what happened when I viewed Chris Brandstetter's amazing photography! 

He knew that I loved the "road" photograph; that became a postcard along with 19 other amazing images. (See all images on the website.) When he posted the "breathe" photograph recently on Facebook, I sighed .... the collection had been completed.  (Hmmmm, might have to show up in a future series!)

Well, clearly I get excited about sending and receiving postcards - but this lovely gesture from Chris just made my heart burst.  Thank you Chris for sending these beautiful photographs to me in the mail - what fun and what a surprise!  I cannot wait to FRAME them and promise to post when I do.

Acts of Kindness ... surprise treasures!

-Teresa 10/2022



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