Postcard Post #5 - "Joy" Snacks

Postcard Post #5 - "Joy" Snacks

My brother recently shared a link from THE WASHINGTON POST called "Want to feel happier? Try snacking on joy" <>.

Author Richard Sima states, "By mindfully tuning into the pleasant, nice and sometimes routine experiences of every day, we can transform an otherwise mundane moment into something more meaningful and even joyful." Postcards are my joy snack; it is something that I like to share.  "Snacking on joy can go beyond focusing on our own experiences.  Sharing our joy snacks also helps foster even stronger bonds with those we care about the most."

I feel that there is something lovely and special about small things that pack a whole lot of love or joy - even if it is just for a few moments.  I asked my siblings what their joy snacks were and here are some of the answers:

NY Times Magazine, cup of coffee, cutting the grass, Hostess Ho Ho's, Charlie the dog, a nap, the library, book club, knitting, golf, any body of water ...

Many thanks for supporting THE POSTCARD PROJECT.  What are your joy snacks?

-Teresa 3/2023


"The best thing about joy snacks is that they're always yummy and your never get full!"  -DCR

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