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Todd Tanner

It is a great privilege for me to introduce my friend, Todd Tanner … the man behind the camera. Postcards – Photos – Central New York, I guess we were destined to discover each other!  Hmmmm, via Facebook (?) - who knew, but I sure am glad that we did! 

Todd Tanner is a talented and lovely man.  He is soft-spoken and thoughtful.  There is such irony in our joint venture! He communicates so eloquently with his photography and while I love words, often I cannot find a single word that matches the emotions produced from his art.  Todd has two series of postcards:

  • “You Know You Love Central New York If …” SEASON – by Todd Tanner
  • “You Know You Love MacKenzie-Childs If …” WELCOME HOME – by Todd Tanner

I firmly believe that it is the simple things in life that mean so much; for me, postcards are just one example.  Todd, gives the gift of a photo each morning on Facebook; he has a huge following.  Judging from the comments, these images are often the spark of a smile, the image of beauty that stays with the soul for the rest of the day.  He is faithful to his followers.

Todd has prints and calendars for sale.  For more information contact Todd at:

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