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Postcard Project

The Strong Museum Of Play

The Strong Museum Of Play

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Choose a postcard bundle featuring 3 different series:

Heroes & Winners: “Play is the mediator of the invisible and visible.” – Dora M. Kalff

Play is powerful as “kids of all ages” unleash their inner hero strength saving the world and beating all odds!

Just Imagine: “Play has been man’s most useful preoccupation.” – Frank Caplan

Imaginations are unleashed at THE STRONG where all “kids at heart” journey to Sesame St. visit the Berenstain Bears and so much more!

Butterfly Garden: “We all need empty hours in our lives, or we will have no time to create a dream.” – Robert Coles

Taking a trip along this garden path to a magical tropical rain forest where guests are treated to lush foliage and resident friends. Walk gently, a butterfly might choose to land on you and share a fluttering kiss.

Each padded booklet contains 10 beautiful 4x6 postcards, printed on glossy cardstock with easy-to-write matte back surfaces. Printed Locally in Auburn, 

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